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Do you know if you’re eligible for Government funding?


It can be tough out there, and the Government knows this, so it has all sorts of Government grants which you might be eligible for.


One of the grants we specialise in is the research and development grant.
This is for the companies that are creating something new and experimenting a little.


Doing something no one else is doing – is this you?


If this is you – we’re intrigued. I bet you’ve got a great idea.We’d love to hear about it.

If you are doing research and development you might be able
to get 43.5% of the money you have spent back.


We might even know of some other grants you could
apply for, or if we would help further by leveraging off
our capabilities in other areas.


We’ve set out the requirements for the R&D grant in
another article, or you can just call us if it’s easier and
we’ll talk it through with you.

We work on government grants
every day and we
would love to help you grow in
whatever way we can.

A bit about us:

Our director has worked at some
of the biggest names in tax:
Ernst & Young, KPMG, Allens Linklaters,
however, prefer being the part of
big ideas of the future.


He has worked for some of the
biggest clients in Australia:
BHP, Westpac, ANZ, JLL to
name a few, however, prefers
the dynamic environment of
innovative businesses.


But you don’t need a name dropper, you need results:

Millions of dollars in R&D claimed

100% R&D review success rate

Average time to payment 62 days

This is how we deliver:


Please call us, we’d love to hear your idea and
help you make it grow.

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How do you feel about government funding?

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c) Hard to get.

d) I prefer Struggle St.

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