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Results and success are my mantra
Adam Ahmed is dual qualified as a lawyer and a chartered accountant with expertise in: tax, asset protection and estate planning commercial and business law and transactions property law including easements,…
Let me help you and your clients make money
My key skill is my ability to absorb a vast amount of complex information and synthesise it to bring out the issues that matter. Over the last 20 years I’ve…
Mali Thaggard

Mali Thaggard

Registered liquidator

Mali is a Chartered Accountant, Restructuring Advisor and Registered Liquidator. She is a Director at Australia Business Rescue Pty Ltd. She has a professional career in Business Restructuring and Corporate…

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The key to resolving any dispute is knowing where you stand and then making a decision based on accurate information.

Usually the hardest part is working out where you stand so you can make a sound decision.

It doesn’t matter if its a tax issue or dispute, a commercial law or contracts issue, a business issue, family law (including divorce, custody, wills), a property dispute, an issue on employment law, insolvency, migration, asset protection or defamation.  The whole wide range of laws come down to one principle:  know where you stand first and then make a sound decision found that foundation.

This means working out what your rights are, who to call, or what to read.  Everyone seems to be an expert and there is always someone out there who speaks with great confidence but doesn’t know what they are doing.  Its hard to find the right answer or know if what you are looking at is right.

We are hoping that the information we provide on this website helps you work out where you stand, or at least puts you on the right track.  Be it an issue with the ATO, the OSR (Revenue NSW or the state revenue office of any state), a commercial dispute, debt recovery dispute with a creditor or debtor, an issue with a liquidator who is probably chasing you for a payment of some kind, it doesn’t matter.

We are always happy to recommend lawyers and other professionals if you need help – tax lawyers, commercial lawyers, insolvency lawyers, family lawyers, property lawyers, wills lawyers, migration lawyers, accountants – in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or national.  We have a broad network developed over decades of collective practice.

At the end of the day, the only way to get through a situation is to know where you stand and what your options are.